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The Author

Dive into the captivating world of Daphne Ellis, an Amazon bestselling author whose debut memoir, 'Dancing Among Snakes: Experiencing Victory in Life’s Toughest Moments,' took the literary scene by storm in April 2022. Unveil the power of resilience and triumph through her words. Stay tuned as she gears up to release two more incredible books, each promising a journey of inspiration and discovery. Daphne Ellis extends her literary prowess to empower others on their writing journey. As a ghostwriter, book coach, and publishing guide, she transforms aspirations into tangible success. Delight in the guidance her clients are raving about, as they embark on their own paths to literary achievement.


The Educator

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Daphne Ellis, The Educator, brings over three decades of dedicated experience in the realm of education.  She is a specialist trained in both English language and Mathematics. She successfully taught the island's top-performing student in Mathematics, at one of the countries where she served. Having served in diverse roles locally and abroad, including as a classroom teacher, Head of Department, Substance Abuse Counselor, Teacher Workshop Facilitator, and School Principal, Ms. Ellis is a seasoned professional shaping educational landscapes. She still carves out a little time to do Math coaching.

The Motivational Speaker

Daphne the motivational speaker, discovered her passion for speaking from a young age, gracing stages with rehearsed pieces. Evolving with maturity and experience, she has become a beacon of empowerment. From addressing parent groups, inspiring young minds, engaging summer camps, to being a graduation and commencement speaker, Daphne's impactful messages resonate across diverse audiences.
Her belief in the transformative power of uplifting messages is unwavering. With a powerful voice that towers over her petite frame, Daphne captivates and enchants her audience, leaving them spellbound. Experience the inspiration that transcends through her words, fostering positive transformation in every listener."

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