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Author, Educator, Motivational Speaker, Coach

Life turned with a book

Daphne Ellis is a seasoned educator who has now ventured on an exciting new career path as an authorpreneur. She celebrated her debut as an author, as she became an Amazon bestseller for her memoir, Dancing Among Snakes: Experiencing Victory in Life’s Toughest Moments, and more recently has proven her skills as a talented Ghostwriter.

Her experience as a teacher of English for over 30 years has catapulted her writing experience into admirable success. She has honed the skills of capturing the scenery, the event details, the sea of emotions, characters, and themes in page-turning prose. She entered this field in January 2021, developing her craft at the Authorpreneur Secret$™️ Academy led by Cameka Ruth Taylor, an acclaimed Jamaican author who is CEO and founder of BambuSparks Publishing. Daphne offers freelancing services there as she continues to expand her writing and publishing skills.

“There is no greater agony, than bearing an untold story inside you.”

- Maya Angelou

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Are you feeling pressured by life’s challenges? In this inspirational memoir, Dancing Among Snakes, educator and counselor, Daphne Ellis, offers a message of hope—you can experience victory in the most difficult or tumultuous times of your life. In this book, you will learn: *the fascinating story behind the book’s title *how she danced in the face of adversity in the workplace, ill-health, and in her relationships *interesting characteristics about snakes *powerful life lessons *how you can dance your way to victory. You will love this book because it will help you experience victory no matter what challenges you face in life. “Thou hast turned my mourning into dancing.” (Psalms 30:11, KJV)



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Clinton Chisholm

Christian Apologist and Author

"For a first-time author, Miss Ellis’s book has the marks of a seasoned writer. Her book Dancing
Among Snakes, from its beautiful cover
design through its arresting real-life narrative, hooks
your literary neck, pulls you in, and you will not want to be released until she is through
delighting, tantalizing, encouraging and challenging you."


Jean Blake


"Dancing Among Snakes" captivates from the first page, delivering a compelling and

inspirational narrative that keeps you engaged throughout. With not a dull line, the book is a

captivating read you won't want to put down."


Imogene Samms


"In this captivating work, Daphne shares personal experiences of overcoming difficulties in life,
work, and relationships, allowing readers to share in the joys and triumphs of being overcomers.

 This book promises
both reading pleasure and valuable insights.

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Ghost Writing 


"Daphne Ellis is a true wordsmith and a masterful collaborator. Her ability to translate my experiences into compelling prose exceeded my expectations. Working with Daphne was an absolute pleasure, and her dedication to bringing my story to life was evident in every word she penned. I'm immensely grateful for her contribution to making my book a reality."

My Services

Ghost Writing

"Need to share your story but lack the time to write? Let's talk. Share your ideas, and allow me to transform them into a captivating literary masterpiece. I write in your name! I don’t steal the show!."

Book Coaching

"Your story is uniquely yours, and I'm here to help you take the plunge from just an idea to a book. Together, we will navigate brainstorming, planning, outlining, and staying organized, ensuring
completion of the journey from initial thoughts to the exciting moment of getting your book

Motivational Speaker

"There is power in feeling encouraged  and challenged by what has been said to you. I have shared with schools, churches, commuity groups and professionals.  My aim is to lift you up and to keep it positive.. I am just a call away"


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